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Interactive and fun e-learning modules

  • E-learning courses
  • Welcome Kit
  • Serious Games
  • Interactive videos
  • Motion Design
  • Quizzes / Tests / MCQs
  • Tutorials

Key benefits of e-learning

Saving time for learners and companies
Unlimited number of learners
Autonomy and flexibility
Information Retention


Methodology of educational scripting in 9 simple steps


engaging, gamified, intelligent and efficient learning tools


the level of the learners before starting and the gap that needs to be closed to reach the objectives


on any type of media (connected or not), including VR headsets or your own Scorm Compliant LMS

Create and share

dashboards to analyze and monitor the development of skills and the ROI of your training courses

Track and analyze

the path of each learner, so that they focus only on what they need to learn (adaptive learning)

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we also provide

Extra Services

Host your training on our LMS platform

We can create, host and maintain your e-learning course on our own LMS infrastructure.
Forget about high costs and maintenance difficulties.
- Completely customized
- No additional costs once the platform is created
- Multi-site possible: with customization to your corporate colors (your different customers / groups for example)
- Integration and hierarchy of modules (scorm or standard content)
- Creation of groups (with activity threads, internal messaging...)
-Setting up of certifications

Simulation integrating your own images or video

The edutainment devices allow learners to confront real or simulated situations, allowing them to train and develop specific skills in a safe and risk-free environment.
For example, we can transcribe virtual interactions using 3D characters in your own context.
We can transform your training courses into immersive and interactive experiences, by immersing learners in a 360° sound and visual universe, in front of their screen or with a virtual reality headset.
These challenges allow learners to develop practical skills and practice solving complex problems in a controlled context.

Video training

A familiar and important challenge for instructional video is getting participants to engage in the right kinds of mental processing during learning.
The right kinds of mental processing include figuring out what the content means and how it fits with what is already known, answering important questions, summarizing the content, discussing its implications, and remembering key points.
The right kinds of mental processing are critically important to the success of instructional video.
Let us create your training video.

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