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Virtualization, enterprise collaboration tools, private mail server, cloud, networks, VoIP telephony and many other services.


Storage Virtualization / Management Virtualization Network Virtualization / Desktop Virtualization / Easy Management Capabilities

Online collaborative tools

Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar, and host video chats without data leakage. As a fully integrated solution provider, Virtualtek offers the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.


The network infrastructure is an essential part of any IT infrastructure. It provides a communication path between users and applications. The growing demand for greater network security and accessibility, as well as the need to reduce deployment expenses, is driving an even greater need for network management services. Virtualtek provides complete network solutions for secure management and administration.


Beware of your NAS! We provide you with the best storage solutions on the market to ensure your business continuity.


Private cloud, full cloud, hybrid cloud... whatever your needs, we can provide you with the best fully customized cloud solutions for your business.

Services Integration

We can integrate your services and create a robust IT solution that covers all of your needs. Check out our VIRTY™ IT solution if you are building your IT from scratch or need to replace your vendor soon.

Why you should choose us

Engaged, determined and innovative

VIRTUALTEK’s mission is to support your company in its digital transformation.


We always think outside the box and never settle for the basics, in order to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Business Focused

Business continuity is more important than ever. We make sure your business is completely secure.

Single Point of Contact

Don't waste your time chasing vendors when you have a problem. We are here to help you solve all your IT problems.


We can take care of all the service level agreements you need to be safe.

Managed Services

Outsourcing your IT department is an important decision that requires expert guidance to ensure a smooth transition and continued success. To reduce costs, secure data, and improve flexibility, we are agile and use industrialized and innovative processes. Our services adapt to the characteristics of your organization and increase your operational efficiency.

we also provide

Extra Services

Customized emails with your domain name

Secure corporate messaging with the possibility of taking over your existing mail server or creating your own.


Maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure or your specific solution.

Service Provider

Focus on your core business, save time and costs on IT vendor sourcing, and let someone else handle your day-to-day IT challenges. At Virtualtek, we can help you with your very first IT infrastructure or digital transformation plans.

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